Saturday, June 14, 2014

Detroit 2014

Flying over Belle Isle (Detroit on the left and Windsor on the right)

Made my way back to the Detroit Public Library.  As a young child, I would skip school to hang out there. Today, students are not allowed in until after 2:30pm.

The Heidelberg Project is an outdoor art project created in 1986 by artist Tyree Guyton.

I really enjoyed the tour at the Motown Museum

View of the Detroit Public Library from the  Detroit Institute of Arts Museum

Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Bounce Back

Took a trip to Cali to be the PA for a day on a new film, The Bounce Back, with Shermar Moore.

While waiting to learn when I would work, I went to the Extra Extra set.

Hi Mario!

Working on the movie was great fun!  Thanks to Shermar Moore and the cast and crew!