Friday, September 16, 2011

Dominica Part Two

Old Market Plaza - Roseau - Once a slave trading market. Here's the slave marker.

Trafalgar Falls

I'm a wet mess ... only made it to the hot falls.  Cold falls were too dangerous that day

Made a nice mud bath

Portsmouth is the second largest town in Dominica

Pier at Portsmouth

For all you Johnny Depp fans, POC film site

Really liked Dominica

I will return

Dominica - Jungle Bay Resort

Flight from Puerto Rico to Dominica

Be prepared for the long ride to the Jungle Bay Resort

Do not pack your camera!  You'll want it for the ride!

The resort is great!

Worth all the stairs!

The meals were good. 

The Spa was my friend

The pool is nice and warm!  Great for a night swim!

Don't I look happy???

The cultural events and excursions were great.  I even made it to Yoga!

IFLA 2011

My first room in the older part of the hotel.  I changed (for free) to a better part of the hotel.

The older rooms have the best pool views

The conference center for IFLA 2011

Great hotel if you have kids

Great hotel is you're alone
I really enjoyed my stay in San Juan.  The Caribe Hilton is old, but has a great pool and beach.  The food was good too.  I read a few reviews about the food costing too much, but I did not find that to be true.